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The African continent unraveled at the African Connection

Our shop is decorated with African and tribal art, artifacts that show the rich history of the African continent. You can find here rare masks, objects, paintings and statues. Discover Africa, her history and inimitable art in our shop in Varsenare (Jabbeke). Visit us today fo

  • Tribal art out of Africa, speciality Congo and Central Africa

  • Shields: tribes Ngbaka, Ngombe, Mongo, Songe and Zande

  • Masks and statues: Kuba, Pende, Songo, Tshokwe, Bakongo, Songey and Luba

  • Artifacts and objects of Tshokwe, Lunda, Zulu and Bamilike

  • And more

Our collections are very extensive and are often changed.

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